Convenient master data maintenance with the "P100-AddressValidation" program

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    GIS   -  Graphic Informaton System 
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CORONA . . .has also left its mark here on the master data.

                                                                                   it's time to act now

!!    Act now -
Companies have moved. Quite a few companies have responded to the home office trend and downsized.
These address changes have to be entered.
For sales, marketing, new customers and logistics the addresses have to be 100% correct.
But even without Corona, address maintenance has often failed.

The most common mistakes are .... :
that in most enterprises - no uniform care - takes place.
Master data maintenance is often carried out in parallel by different departments and groups of people.
This almost inevitably results in  consistency errors  in the data stock.

With  fatal  consequences .... :
These errors result in: returns, customer complaints, incorrect deliveries, etc.
and thus  dissatisfied customers,  loss of image and unnecessary costs.
In marketing, new customer potentials cannot be exploited.
Customer visits cannot be optimally planned.   

                                                                                               Professional working

!!   Work professionally -.

With the Excel program   "P100-AddressValidation" you can update addresses completely, easily and quickly.
Important additional information, which you gain from various sources, also via the web,
can be added <"by click" >.
 Addresses can be displayed on OpenStreet Maps, Bing Maps as well as Google Maps.
A positioning in satellite mode is easy to handle.

Geocoding ....:    for your locations and sales planning is a standard feature.
Through the geocoding function included in the program, you can also display your database visually,
and transfer it to any standard  GIS application . For location, route planning, presentations etc..
Geocoding can be done with  Open Street Maps, BING Maps as well as Google Maps. 
Simple, intuitive and clearly structured.   

?  You do not have time ... .. Your staff is fully utilized ?

We offer services on the basis of  "P100-AddressValidation"  at favorable hourly rates, daily rates   
or also at fixed prices. Often it is advisable to let one of our partners carry out a professional basic revision
of your master data by one of our  partners.
The service can be performed either at our premises or at your company (Germany).