Course 1 - Address maintenance

Get your master data up to speed.  - This course shows you how.

Agenda - Seminar duration:   9.00 a.m. to approx. 5.00 p.m. 

                          In the course, the Excel program "P100 AddressValidation" is used.

                      I : Basics Refresh IV : Detect and correct address errors
  • Optimal table structure for working with Excel 
  • Important Excel tools: e.g. ASAP Utilities and SmartTools  icon pop up 
  • Syntax and sophisticated techniques for Google searches
  • Browser extensions for smooth work:
    Total Adblock , I don´t care about cookies
  • Typical errors in postal addresses  
  • Interactive correction using the "Test" function  
  • Updating the data by means of "Apply addresses
  • First practical exercises with the sample data
    "Mechanical engineering addresses (VDMA)
II : Programme - Menu bar V : Practical part 1
  • Function overview of all menu items
  • Info, settings, interactive web help
  • program installation, licensing
  • First column assignment
  • Preliminary check, Entire list, Marked rows
  • Further exercises with sample addresses "Mechanical Engineering",
    Chambers of Industry+Commerce, Chambers of Commerce USA
  • Techniques of address acquisition (Internet), tips and tricks
  • Export to Google-Maps + GIS programs
  III : Excel table - columns (technique) - Geocoding VI : Practical part 2
  • Columns setup, formatting, adding, moving, deleting
    within the program P100-AddressValidation  
  • Application of ASAP Utilities and SmartTools   
  • Geocoding with OSM, Google and BING  
  • Special feature of batch geocoding using APIs
    You work with your own excel sheet
    e.g. data from your company, your organization
  Lunch break    approx. 17.00 End of seminar  

Beispiel-Maske IHK-Dresden  ( IHK-Deutschland.xls  79 IHKs mit 2.844 aktuellen Datensätzen )

IHK Dresden OSM