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! Introduction - >>  Video icon pop up [9 min]  (please watch first)  

! Licensing:

You purchase an  unlimited user license  for one computer for 1 year. Unlimited, provided that you only use the addresses you have edited internally. 
A sale or rental of the addresses to third parties is forbidden and leads to the deactivation of the program via our license server. In this case there will be no refund of the rent.
If you want to use BING or Google in addition to OSM (OpenStreetMaps), you must confirm their usage rights and purchase the respective API additionally. 


The functional scope of the program may change at any time without prior notice.

Structure of the Excel table (Microsoft Excel 2013 and higher - 32 Bit)

The Excel table - must begin - in the first row with the column headings. All columns must be labelled.
The addresses must start sequentially from the 2nd line and blank lines are not allowed between start and end row.
Blank lines and blank columns outside the address block must be removed.

Optimum set up
The first two columns ( A + B) should contain a consecutive number (for example, SAP number) and the name (for example, company).
The columns ( C + D + E + F + G ) contain necessary address information, but these can be distributed in the Excel table as required.
Please note that the street name must comply with the house number and the country code is in ISO format (US - UK - DE - CH - UK).
The postcode should be complete, e.g. - 5 digits - for USA, Germany, France, Italy, - 4 digits - for Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands etc. 
Further information is optional, e.g. telephone, e-mail, web address, sales, employees, imprint etc.

Tip structure excel table

Pre-Validation:  ICON Vorab Pruefung small   Video icon pop up    ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

All addresses are checked for plausibility. For example, post boxes instead of street names, missing house numbers, missing postal codes or city names.
In this way, corrections can be made in the master data in advance.
Attention: The Excel table must not contain empty columns or missing column captions. The column captions must be made in the first table row.

Pre Validation

Entire-List:  ICON Gesamte Liste    Video icon pop up    ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

All selected actions, e.g. Web Search, Batch Geocoding: Menue OSM BING Google waagerecht- , refer to the  entire  Excel file.
Attention: The Excel table must not contain empty lines (inside and at the end).

Selected Rows: ICON Markierte Zeilen   Video icon pop up  ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

All selected actions, e.g. Web Search, Batch Geocoding: Menue OSM BING Google waagerecht- , refer to the  selected  rows.

Web Search:  ICON Websuche   Video icon pop up   ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

Address search via OpenStreet Maps, BING Maps and Google Maps. Different views are applicable: Street, Satellite, Birds Eye.
Manual (move) adjustment of addresses. Internet (web search) for all address fields and their combinations.
(Almost) any number of address fields can be displayed, searched for and updated via Copy and Paste.

Address Verfication

Selection for Batch search:  Menue OSM BING Google waagerecht    ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck 

Default setting for the batch search.

Status FilterStatus Filter    ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

The status FIlter shows the quality of the address data found.

Quality Attributes

Use Filter: one or more filters are set for batch post-geocoding or web search.

Auto Filter:  ICON Auto Filter   ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

The auto filter is switched on or off for all columns.

Address compare

Show/Hide columns:  ICON Spalten ein ausblenden   Video icon pop up  ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

To compare the address requests and the results found (marked with *) directly, all columns that are - not address-relevant - are hidden.

Show Hide Columns

Overwrite addresses:  ICON Adresse ueberschreiben  Video icon pop up   ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

You can copy the addresses found by OSM - BING - or Google to the original file (Excel). Incorrect spellings can thus be easily corrected.

Export KML:  ICON Export KML   Video icon pop up  ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

Geocoded addresses can be displayed on an Internet web map, e.g. Google Earth. All or selected addresses.

Columns Assignment:  ICON Spaltenzuordnung  Video icon pop up  ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

The column assignment is the most important step after completion of the "settings".
Here you define the address-relevant fields as well as all Excel fields that are to be used for display, search and change.

Column Assignment

Settings:  ICON Einstellungen  Video  icon pop up  ICON Pfeil nach oben zurueck

Basic settings, such as default country or languages, Google or BING for web search and registration of Google or BING API keys can be done here.
Also which quality characteristics should be displayed, can be defined by selecting the respective fields.